Georgia Child Support

The  new Online Child Support Calculator is officially live.
You can access the calculator at  Go to the website, and then click on the button that says Georgia Online Child Support Calculator.  This will take you to the calculator Home page.  At the top right side of the page, you will see a button to “Sign Up.”  If you click there, and enter at least the required information, you will establish your account.  To log in, use the same user name and password each time, just like with any other website.

Some key features for the Online Child Support Calculator

-          Georgia child support calculations will no longer require the use of Excel.
-          The calculator will calculate monthly income from hourly, weekly, annual and other amounts entered.
-          Printed forms will be shorter, because only entered information will print.
-          Allows users to set up organizations and collaborate; all users within the organization can see the worksheets created within or shared with that organization.
-          Users may share worksheets with opposing counsel or clients by email.
-          Users can make worksheets available to court. This feature will allow judges and judicial staff the ability to easily find, view, and edit worksheets submitted by parties during hearings if they are inclined to do so.

We hope this becomes a valuable tool for the years to come.

Best regards,

Pat Buonodono
Staff Attorney, Georgia Child Support Commission

The Georgia Child Support forms and spreadsheets will be posted or linked to here. Suggestions for how to use them to achieve shared parenting, and how they should be changed will be discussed.

Division of Child Support Services (DCSS):

Georgia Child Support Commission:

Below is a list of the members of the Georgia Commission on Child Support.  If you desire to write or contact them, the contact can be done through the Administrative Office of the Courts and to the attention of Patricia Buonodono, Staff Attorney at

1.         Judge Louisa Abbot, Chair
2.         Judge Quillian Baldwin
3.         Rep. Tim Barr
4.         Judge Elizabeth L. Branch
5.         Judge Tom Campbell
6.         Mr. Chuck Clay
7.         Ms. Kathleen (“Katie”) Connell
8.         Sen. Chuck Hufstetler
9.         Sen. Emanuel Jones
10.       Judge Michael Key
11.        Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan
12.       Judge Lisa C. Rambo
13.       Mr. Rick Smith
14.       Dr. Roger Tutterow
15.       Ms. Wendy Williamson

This information can be viewed also on the Commission website found at  Please see “Business of the Child Support Commission” on the right side of the page.