Social Science

Here are some basic factual questions about custody cases in Georgia that need to do be answered with data and statistics from social science:

  • How many divorced (or separated, or similar) parents are there in Georgia?
  • What are the various custody arrangements, by numbers or percentages?
  • What percent or number of cases have something close to a 50/50% shared parenting arrangement?
    • In these cases, why is this the case?
      • Mother sought it? Father sought it? Both agreed? It was ordered? How did this happen?
      • What has been the parents experience with this? 
  • What percentage of cases have a more standard 'shared' physical custody, with one parent having the child(ren) most of the time?
    • In these cases, why was this case?
      • Standard custom? Parental availability? Any good reason?
      • Would a parent, or both parents, prefer something close to a 50/50% shared parenting arrangement?
    • Did a parent seek shared parenting, but did not succeed?
      • If so, why? Too expensive to fight? Contrary to social expectations? Too difficult in other ways? What happened? 
These are just a few questions; it'd be great to have data to answer them!