Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Related Google searches

Some Google searches that bring up material relevant to, but often importantly distinct from, shared parenting include these:

"Georgia joint custody"

Comment: custody is both legal and physical. But "joint physical custody" might not imply equal or close to equal physical custody. 

"Georgia joint physical custody"

Comment: this is better. A barrier to this though is that many documents, including child support worksheets, have a place to enter the "primary physical custodian" or the individual who has "primary physical custody." This concept, which is not a legal requirement, is a barrier to shared parenting, in many ways. This will be discussed later. 
"Atlanta shared parenting"

"Atlanta shared custody"

"Georgia fathers rights"
Comment: many of these results pertain to fathers not married to the mother, or cases where paternity is in question or hasn't been legally established. These factors add an additional  layer of complexity; this page currently won't be exploring those issues.